Dec 5, 2018


Adding a touch of black is a design necessity for almost every room. There’s something about this dark and mysterious shade that enhances other colors and increases the vibrancy of a room. The smallest subtle touch can change the entire vibe of a room even a pinch of black does make a difference. One of the best things about black is that, unlike other colors, its timeless and never goes out of style!



Ideas for a dab of black include:



– Wrought iron bed frames or stair railings


– Upholstery fabric or leather


– Furniture Handles


– Painted walls or wall coverings


– Lamps or lampshades


– The inside surfaces of a built-in shelving system


– Picture frames


– Black and white photos or paintings


– Granite or marble countertops in the bath or kitchen


Black can add drama, sophistication, austerity or masculinity. Do keep in mind that black is a strong color, so just a little goes a long way. Some people are bold enough to decorate with black as the main hue in their design plan, but do be cautious: Too much black can be overpowering. Think about combining black with other colors, because it goes well with almost all shades, especially white and cream. Black also looks beautiful with soft pastels and bold jewel tones. Add a dash of black to your rooms this season to anchor your design style.


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Nov 15, 2018


Have you been thinking about getting blackout shades for your bedroom to help you sleep more soundly or have less light during the day to help with electricity? Have you ever wanted to reduce glare on your television when watching a movie? All Kinds of Blinds a vendor and dealer for Hunter Douglas, offers a range of light-blocking shades for the right amount of room darkness. But with so many options, deciding what to buy can be challenging, almost impossible. Roller? Cellular? Cordless? Dark-colored or white blackout shades? Don't make these decisions on your own. Have Angela (owner of All Kinds of Blinds of South Florida) come to your home and give you the best ideas, advice and explanations. If you are not there yet and just want a basic overview of what blackout shades are, here are a few tips to think about in the meantime.





While every Hunter Douglas window treatment provides some measure of light control, some shades offer more room darkening benefits than others. A key consideration is fabric type and color. Sheer fabrics typically soften and filter sunlight, while semi-opaque and opaque fabrics almost completely block it. We say "almost" because these fabrics darken a room but do not entirely eliminate light.



If you want to block out as much natural light as possible, look for Hunter Douglas window treatments with maximum light-blocking qualities that are uniquely designed to minimize light gaps, seams and rout holes such as the de-Light™feature on many of our wood and metal blinds. Keep in mind, however, that window shades and blinds cannot completely eliminate incoming light, as there are almost always slight light gaps.



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Dec 1, 2018


Selecting the right kitchen table will make it the anchor for one of your most-used rooms. Consider a table that will meet all your needs, from homework projects to family meals, and from a food preparation work surface to a casual spot to drink tea or coffee with friends.


Just like the design of your entire kitchen plan, kitchen tables are available in many colors, sizes, shapes and styles. The perfect table for you will be different than the ideal table for other people. Remember that the light that is allowed into the kitchen will also effect how the table looks.

Think about how many people you want to sit comfortably at the table and how you want them to feel when they spend time in your kitchen. Don't forget about the holidays and functions that would require more seating than the normal day-to-day.


Also think about how you want your kitchen table to function. You may want a table that you can move, even one with locking wheels, so you can keep it in the center of the space most of the time, but have flexibility to move it against the wall to serve buffet food or drinks. If you can see yourself doing a lot of writing on it make sure the table you buy is flat without grooves or texture. Also remember that tables that have decorative cracks may be prove to be difficult to remove crumbs from within them.


Then consider your style preference – modern or traditional, neutral or full of color, sleek or country. Some people prefer a retro look, with vintage chrome or laminate. Others like the feeling of a sidewalk café with a French bistro table with metal chairs. Still others cozy up to a traditional distressed oak table with wood chairs.


When selecting the perfect kitchen table, also think about maintenance. A durable, low-maintenance surface will probably be high on your priority list, so your kitchen table can accommodate all your needs. Many surfaces are easy to clean and maintain, including butcher block, tile, marble, glass, laminate and some antique woods because they’re already distressed! Add a new table to the mix, and make your kitchen a popular meeting place for family and friends.


The table that you choose should be complimentary to the rest of your room including the window treatments.


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